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About Our Products

Hexistat is the alcohol-free and alcohol solution that offers you the highest level of personal protection and convenience. Hexistat Hand Products have been specially formulated to destroy the vast majority of bacteria, microbes and viruses. Hexistat was developed in direct response to the needs of law enforcement and emergency-service personnel, who have been looking for a germicidal hand product that can be easily carried in the field and offers a high degree of protection from infection, germs, and bacteria.

Created Out Of Need

Hexistat Hand Products have been specially formulated to destroy the vast majority of bacteria, microbes and viruses that with both alcohol-free and alcohol solutions combat harmful germs and bacteria.

“Hexistat Hand Products provide the desired combination of protection and convenience that police, fire and emergency personnel need to ensure their health and safety,” said Susan Mack, president and CEO of OMS Enterprises. “Although Hexistat was developed for these high-risk occupations, it can be used by anyone just as easily. It is both powerful and portable, with product options that can fit easily into a purse or pocket.”

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The Right Formula

The active ingredient in Hexistat Alcohol-Free hand products is Benzethonium Chloride (BZC), proven safe and effective in numerous health and hygiene products. In combination with Chlorhexidine Gluconate, a non-toxic ingredient that provides fast-acting protection, Hexistat also offers the unique ability to safely bond to the skin, creating an added layer of long-lasting protection. A typical application of Hexistat Germicidal Hand Wipes protects the skin from infection for several hours. Also, for those who prefer alcohol, we do offer Hexistat Alcohol Hand Products that uses our active ingredient which is USP grade Isopropyl Alcohol. When combined with our inactive ingredient, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, it provides continuous protection for several hours as well.

Although Hexistat was custom-formulated for rigorous use by law enforcement and emergency service personnel, it is gentle enough on skin for everyday use and protection in all settings-hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, airports, retail stores, offices, theme parks, or any place where contact is made with the public and makes a smart addition to first-aid and emergency-supply kits.

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There are many anti-bacterial products in the market – but none of them are similar to the compound used in Hexistat. In comparison to other antibacterial products in the market, most of our competitors use one of the following ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, Triclosan, Bensalkonium Chloride. In addition, most of our competitors use inactive ingredients that only add to their product’s cosmetic value not effectiveness.

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About The Company

As a family and woman owned business for almost 20 years, OMS has always pushed the envelope on innovation to deliver clean and reliable hand sanitizer products to customers. Doesn’t matter if you’re a first responder, a medical professional, a parent, or a teacher- our customers all deserve only the best and most reliable products. We take great pride in knowing that our products keep customers and their families safe from all types of viruses and bacteria.We are actively involved in the day-to-day process of making sure our products are made at highest quality when leaving our facilities.

As family owned, we always think about the customer experience- we put ourselves in your shoes. We are passionate about what we do and the safety of our community.