What Is Hexistat?

Hexistat offers an alcohol-free and alcohol hand sanitizer formula that provides the highest level of personal protection and convenience. Hexistat products destroy the vast majority of germs, bacteria, microbes and viruses. Hexistat is sold in a variety of forms and sizes to offer you the utmost in convenience and portability for people on the go.

Hand sanitizer for police officers


Hexistat was developed in direct response to the needs of law enforcement and emergency-service personnel, who have been looking for a germicidal hand product that can be easily carried in the field.

Hand sanitizer for nurses


Hexistat Hand Products have been specially formulated to destroy the vast majority of bacteria, microbes and viruses – Both formulas – alcohol-free and alcohol use ingredients that provides a layer of protection to the skin that is safe and effective.

Hand sanitizer for emergency workers


In today’s world, more than ever, having quick access to a solid, proven, effective hand-sanitizer is absolutely essential. Make Hexistat a part of that group of “staples” you grab when leaving the house.

Featured Products

Hexistat Hand Wipes

50 Pack Box

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Hexistat Large Wipes

220 Pack Canister

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Hexistat Travel Packs

10 Pack Box

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Hexistat Foam Bottle

17.5ml Bottle

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Hexistat Wall Dispenser

1/2 Gallon Capacity

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Wallmount Stand

Easy To Store

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Why Washing and Cleaning Your Hands Is So Important

Why Washing Your Hands Is So Important

You’ve heard it a lot recently, but it’s nothing new. Washing your hands is paramount to keeping viruses, bacteria and germs away. The cleaner your hands, the healthier you will be.

Stay Informed On The Latest Covid-19 Developments

Too much information can be daunting – even harmful to your psyche. That is why Hexistat recommends two basic sources to keep informed in the everyday changes that are happening now. Please visit the websites for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Why Hexistat?

There are many brands. But we stand out. Find out why.

The Formula

Our unique formula runs circles around the competition.


Still have questions? We have answers. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.