What makes Hexistat better than other antibacterial products?

What are our Competitive Advantages Against other Products in the Market?

Our product is a high-end antibacterial product that was developed with many consumers and industries in mind. Some key advantages of our product are:

    • Non-toxic ingredients which are non-drying on the skin.
    • Pleasant yet gender neutral scent.
    • Benzethonium Chloride as the active ingredient, but one of our inactive ingredients, Chlorhexidine Gluconate ¬†has synergistic properties with Benzothonium Chloride and acts as a booster to the killing power for bacteria.
    • Because alcohol based antibacterial products evaporate as they dry, there is no continuous protection from common germs that surround us everyday. Hexistat is formulated with non-toxic ingredients that provide protection for several hours.
    • There are many other antibacterial products that can kill MRSA (Staph) within an average of 1 to 5 minutes, however Hexistat has been proven to kill MRSA and other bacteria ¬†within 30 seconds:
    • Get more details here: http://www.hexistat.com/competitivehexistat.html