Flu Season is Upon Us… Already!

Hands in the blue sky
Here we go again. This year Health Professionals & Center of DiseaseĀ Control are saying that the flu is hitting us- hitting us hard- and early this year. But don’t give up all hope yet!! There is a lot you can do to protect yourself… starting with your hands. Yes, you read that right- your hands! Just imagine how many surfaces your hands touch, and how many hands you shake per day.


The best thing to do is always wash your hands, but not many of us (at least I don’t think so!) have a portable sink. So what’s the next best thing? Hexistat. Its alcohol-free & non-toxic base keeps your hands from drying, AND unlike alcohol based products, our formula is safe and will protect you for hours. Check us out atĀ www.hexistat.com.
Keep checking back for more updates on our products and other breaking news that we think will keep you and your family safe and healthy!