Hexistat alcohol-free hand wipes

Hexistat alcohol-free hand wipes designed to offer the highest level of personal protection and convenience. Hexistat Hand Wipes have been specially formulated to destroy the vast majority of bacteria, microbes and viruses without the use of alcohol, which can cause skin irritation and other toxicity problems.

Hexistat was developed in direct response to the needs of law enforcement and emergency-service personnel, who have been looking for a wipe that can be easily carried in the field and offers a high degree of protection from infection without the side effects of alcohol.

Hexistat provides the desired combination of protection and convenience that police, fire and emergency personnel need to ensure their health and safety,said Susan Mack, president and CEO of OMS Enterprises. Although Hexistat was developed for these high-risk occupations, it can be used by anyone just as easily. It is both powerful and portable, sized to fit easily into a purse or pocket.

The active ingredient in Hexistat is Benzethonium Chloride. When combined with Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Hexistat provides fast-acting protection against a wide range of micro-organisms. This non-toxic ingredient also offers the unique ability to safely bond to the skin, creating an added layer of long-lasting protection not available with products that use alcohol, iodine or other skin disinfectants. A typical application protects for several hours.

Each Hexistat Hand Wipe is packaged in an easy-open pouch to provide ultimate convenience and portability. Unlike bulky pump dispensers or other containers,Hexistat pouches can be easily slipped into pockets, purses,wallets, glove compartments, first-aid kits, medical bags — you name it. And, each hand wipe comes in a pleasant, gender-neutral fragrance.

Although Hexistat was custom-formulated for rigorous use by law enforcement and emergency service personnel, it can be used in any industry or environment where protection against infection is a concern. Hexistat is equally effective in schools, hotels, restaurants, airports, retail stores, offices, theme parks — just about any place where contact is made with the public. It is ideal for camping and outdoor recreational activities where clean water is not available, and it makes a smart addition to first-aid and emergency-supply kits.